The Publisher presents


Art Work by Elisabeth Rosenthal

opening at Saturday, November, 24 rd, 2018, 7 pm – 10 pm
Torstrasse 147,  10119 Berlin
E.R. is an artist who has developed an artistic position in which performance and installation combine into a whole. Individual objects are ment to fit the proportions of a human body and can be put together in various ways. For The Publisher, Elisabeth created a piece which deals with the themes of Display and Background. There is also a collection of videos on show, which give an overview of her ten years of performance work as her alter ego Sailor-Single.
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Come and see new pieces of work by me here.

Dada Post
Opening sunday July 22, 3.00-10.00 pm
Monday 23 July closed
Tuesday 24 July, 3.00-6.00 pm: Alphabet – Workshop. 7.30-10.00 pm: Readings, performance & video
Wednesday 25 July, 3.00-6.00 pm
Thursday 26 July, 3.00-6.00 pm
Friday 27 July, 3.00-10.00 pm,
22- 28 July (except Monday), 1.00-6.00 pm: exhibitions by Alberto Aragon Reyes,Alexandra KostrubalaAllan Bestle ,Anastasija Dubovska,
Charlotte PetersenChris CalmerChristian Noah MöllerDespoina AthanasiadouDoris BloomElisabeth RosenthalEmilia BouritiEsben Holk,Florin NedelcuGeirStadheimHelen Kholin,Howard McCalebbIngeborg Wie Henriksen, Iwona BorkowskaJens MagnussenJesper DalmoseJoanna BloomLars H.U.G.Lars HøegLaurie GrundtLazara Rosell AlbearLeif Dione JoensenLorena Diana GaroiuMaria Ciccia SmidlMariella BrandusaM.R. OlsenNik BranOctavian Neagu, Ra Kajol,Raphael RaphaelSonia ZieglerSusanne SoldanSøren TougaardTamara De Laval,Viktor B. Chakravarty.
Nordbahnstrasse 10
13409 Berlin


1. Berlin Soup - E-vite  +++++ .jpg

World Anthom by E.R.

In this video I show you my World Anthem, which I composed two weeks ago. I also show you what troubles I have at home at the moment. Some flat agencies are useless and you can expect no help from them, even when the floor caved in and hot lava is about to spill out. I am worried that the cat could fall in. ;( Have fun. I would be happy about shares and likes or help and advice about what next steps I could take with the lava hole. It`s a nightmare. It´s now two weeks in and I´ve had it!

Hiking with E.R.

Elisabeth is out hiking with her friends. It`s a beautiful sunday, but she feels very uncomfortable with the situation. She is way behind her friends and moans a lot. She does not know the plants also. „All this does not interest me at all.“
„This is so boring“ is what she says first. She also does not know where she is. She only knows this: „I only know that we are in the GDR which now is not the GDR anymore.“ Her friends told her where they are going, but she forgot. That is why she needs to hurry and keep up with them. Then it goes downhill and it almost sends her crying. She points out the danger of hiking. She only calms down a bit when she gets down to the Baltic sea. But she again finds something to moan. The last thing she says is: I have calmed down a bit(…)It is so quiet here(…)BUT. This is actually not a real sea. It does not have waves. Her friends are taking pictures of her. She does not like it either and turns away.
In Deutsch, sächsicher Dialekt. It suits ignorant and moaning well.