World Anthom by E.R.

In this video I show you my World Anthem, which I composed two weeks ago. I also show you what troubles I have at home at the moment. Some flat agencies are useless and you can expect no help from them, even when the floor caved in and hot lava is about to spill out. I am worried that the cat could fall in. ;( Have fun. I would be happy about shares and likes or help and advice about what next steps I could take with the lava hole. It`s a nightmare. It´s now two weeks in and I´ve had it!

Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Music video for the new release by UK band, Grinny Grandad featuring Kymberley Kennedy.

Music by Chris Morton – Grinny Grandad –
Lyrics by Kymberley Kennedy –
‚Space Freaks‘ – Elisabeth Rosenthal & Leanne Rivers
Directed by Leanne Rivers
Produced by Leanne Rivers & Elisabeth Rosenthal
Costume & Make-up by Julia Pommer –
Set by Elisabeth Rosenthal –
Camera & lighting by Clemens Preiser
Editing by Leanne Rivers